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Connection Error with SF_UpdateAccount


I am running a dynamic update to multiple accounts.
I am cycling thru with built SQL using EXECUTE [sys].[sp_executesql] @UpdateSQL

The @UpdateSQL is below.
EXEC [SFDCTest].[dbo].[SF_UpdateAccount] @id = '001F000000nkpS4IAI' , @field = 'Show_on_Irish_Setter__c', @value = '''NO''' [SQLSTATE 01000]

I uncommented the PRINT in the SF_UpdateAccount SP and get the following

update openquery(SALESFORCE_TEST,'Select Id,Show_on_Irish_Setter__c from Account where Id=''001F000000nkpS4IAI'' ') set Show_on_Irish_Setter__c = 'NO'

The log shows a [SQLSTATE 01000] after it tries to run.

If I manually run the update openquery it works.

Any ideas why this won't work being called dynamically in a SP?
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