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Convert a DBAmp Command to a SOQL query?

I am working with Salesforce support to speed record inserts into large tables. The problem is that inserts take a long time to complete for large tables (>4 million records). A potential fix is to put an index on the table to speed the lookup process to perform validation. Before Salesforce will add an index, they want to examine the SOQL query. The problem is that I am not using SOQL, I am only using DBAmp to perform record inserts (see specific command below). Is there a simple method to translate or capture the SOQL associated with the DBAmp expression below?

Exec SF_TableLoader 'Insert', 'OnePlace', 'GroupMember_upsert02'
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  • Can you provide the complete message output from a recent large run so we can analyze the timings ? Also, have you examined the job in the bulk load monitoring area of salesforce to see how long salesforce is actually taking to run the load ?

    Also, SOQL is used for querying (bringing data down to SQL).

    SF_TableLoader pushes data up to salesforce and therefore does not use a SOQL statement but in fact uses the BulkAPI 2.
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