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Daily update of SF Product2 table using dbamp procedures


I need to create a process that will update SF Product2 table daily, for any items updated or created from our ERP system. I am thinking of replicating data to a local sql DB and then do the comparison from local DB to create source load tables to be used in updating SF. My concern is, what if an error is encountered during the replication or refresh of Product2 table, how can I determine so that I don't continue with the upload table creation. (I need to make sure that I have the latest information of Product2 table from SF, when creation my load tables). Is it enough to check the value of @@ERROR after running replicate or refresh dbamp procedures?

My plan is to create a procedure that will refresh local copy of table, download ERP item data, then create load tables for changes and new items, then upload to SF. The procedure will then be scheduled thru SQL server agent job.
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