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Data Migration using Migrate Amp

I am trying to evaluate DbAmp tool to see if it could be used to replicate data from sales Force to our current project tracking database.
I read the documentation where Migrate Amp seems to be the solution by using the 'KeyObjectIds' with the Migration1_Load stored procedure to specify the fields of a object(Example:Accounts or Contacts) to be migrated from the source db(Sales Force) to the target db(our project Tracking db).
My Question: When the "Migration1_Load KeyObjectIds" stored procedure is run, only the delta changes from the last time the stored procedure was run .are migrated from sales Force to our db? Is my assumption correct?
The "KeyObjectIds" table will have the desired column names to be replicated of a Sales Force object (Example: AccountID, Account Name from the Accounts object). Is this correct?
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