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DB AMP failing during replication

Hi Tech team

We are facing an issue while moving data from salesforce to sql server. Here is the error in detail.

We are trying to replicate for one object which has 3 crore data. Due to large volume of data its failing often. We have increased the time duration of the batch job time. The same we tried for more than three times but failing again and again. Normally this table take more than 4 hours to replicate. Even not able to refresh the data due to meta data changes. This is the error we are facing.

Its very urgent can you please help us asap.

Error Message

07:58:57: Error: An error has occurred while fetching rows from
07:58:57: Error: Zipped response from salesforce was missing valid zip header.
07:58:57: Error: Replication failed.
07:58:58: Error: DBAmp.exe was unsuccessful.
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