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DB_REFRESH is delayed with pickup up deletes

I am running in to an issue where my DB_REFRESH is not seeing DELETES right away.

We have a custom Campaign_Member_Criteria table which currently has about 20k rows.

Realtime, in SalesForce, we add a record and delete a record through the front end.

When I look at the SF table live through the view I see both the add and delete have occurred.
When I do a DB_REFRESH and look at my local copy the record has been added but the delete has not been picked up. This is the issue.
I wait 5 – 10 seconds and do another DB_REFRESH then query my local table and the delete has been picked up.

Does DB_REFRESH pull from a different place that might be waiting for a delete process to clear ?

If we have to switch our code from doing a DB_REFRESH/using local table to using the VIEW to ht SF live, how many more API calls will that incur?
-- real time
SELECT * FROM [SFViews].[dbo].[Campaign_Member_Criteria__c_View] where Campaign__c = '7010U000000EA1wQAG'

EXEC [salesforce backups].dbo.SF_Refresh 'SALESFORCE', 'Campaign_Member_Criteria__c';

FROM [salesforce backups].[dbo].[Campaign_Member_Criteria__c]
where Campaign__c = '7010U000000EA1wQAG'
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