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DBAmp continues after all records processed

Our DBAmp seems to keep polling the server for more records, even after all the records have been processed, until it times out. This happens everytime now.

10:10:01: Batch 7510M00000BnbXOQAZ created with 2555 rows.
10:10:02: 52555 rows read from SQL Table.
10:10:02: 52555 rows processed.
10:10:02: Job still running.
10:10:18: Job still running.
10:25:18: Job still running.
10:40:19: Job still running.
10:55:20: Job still running.
11:10:20: Job still running.
11:10:20: Error: Polling timeout reached. Unable to retrieve results from salesforce.
11:10:20: Check the Salesforce Application Setup / Monitoring / Bulk Data Load Jobs for final job disposition.
11:10:20: Error: DBAmp.exe was unsuccessful.
11:10:20: Error: Command string is D:\"Program Files"\DBAmp\DBAmp.exe update:bulkapi Account_Load "XXXXXXXXX" "Salesforce" "SFDC" " "

It looks like the records are replicated but then it keeps running.
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