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DBAmp in one machine to use SQL server in another machine.

Hi, I am Milind. We are holding a license of DBAmp. Following is my special requirement and queries on which I need your support and suggestions:

Scenario: I have a production server ‘A’ with SQL server installed with no internet access as per policy. I want to have the linked server of DBAmp to be created on this machine. Since A does not have internet access, I am not able to configure DBAmp as it cannot connect to
1. Is it a pre-requisite to install DBAmp on the same machine where the SQL server is installed?
2. Can I install DBAmp on another machine say ‘B‘ which has SSMS and expect the Linked server gets created on machine ‘A’ during configuration?
3. Please suggest the way to achieve this in such distributed scenario where we are expecting the DBAmp in one machine and SQL linked server in another.
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