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Delayed SF Field Visibility Running SF_Refresh

We're seeing strange behavior when running sf_refresh on one of our SF orgs. After adding a couple of new fields, and verifying that they were visible to the SF user configured as the dbAmp login, running sf_refresh with the "yes" argument failed to find a delta in several attempts over the course of a couple of hours yesterday. However, this morning the same command found the new fields, and successfully replicated the new fields.

My question is why would this happen? I've been using dbAmp for a number of years, and don't recall seeing this behavior before. I wonder if it has to do w/ a configuration in SF, or in the Linked Server used by dbAmp, because this happened in when using a new MSSQL database, linked server and test SF org we recently setup. Two other SF orgs where the new fields were also added, and then synced by means of the same command to separate dbAmp databases, using separate linked servers were able to immediately find the new fields.
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