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Deleted records in separate table (same DB/schema)

Overall, we don't need deleted records locally for 90% of use cases, but we've found more and more cases where it would be helpful to have deleted records for a certain object. So it would be really great to have a way to download an IAD version of an object to a separate table in the same DB & schema (e.g. dbo.Account and dbo.AccountIAD).

Having them in the same DB & schema would mean we'd only need to maintain and upgrade all the DBAmp stored procedures in one place for a single SFDC org. We really don't want to risk having the SPs in multiple DBs/schemas, possibly being out of sync. Nor do we want to have separate DBAmp_Log tables & views. And we have a lot built on top of all the tables we download, all of which assumes that deleted rows are not included. So we want to avoid having to modify all that code to check for the IsDeleted flag.

Even if there were a way to split just the deleted records off into their own table, that would be great. Or if we could download the deletes (only) into a separate DB/schema (without reinstalling the SPs in that DB/schema) that would be OK too.
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