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Dynamics SL Integration

just found this product. Looks very promising. My goal would be to utilize this to provide bilateral integration between SalesForce and Dynamics SL. Question - how do you initiate an update based upon a change to a record? For instance, customer address gets updated in SF - how do I 'see' that change to kick off SQL to update the Customer Address record in Dynamics SL database?
I suspect there is an easy way but I am not finding that specifically in the documentation.
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  • With DBAmp there are no salesforce triggers that initiate action on SQL because this would require the SQL Server to be exposed to a web service listener waiting for messages for salesforce.

    Instead, with DBAmp you can query the Account table for all rows where the Last Modified is greater than some date. Because salesforce does not track changes at the column level, you must use T-SQL to write your own business logic to identify the change. In other words, with the salesforce api you only know the row changed; you do not know the field that changed.
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