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Efficiency of Inserts/Deletes using SF_BulkOps

Hi, We are currenly evaluating DBAMP for a major migration. Do you have any figures for how long it should take to insert records. Today I loaded about 29,000 records in 47 minutes using EXEC dbo . SF_BulkOps @operation = N'Insert:bulkapi', @table_server = 'DM' , @table_name = 'Account'. Is this an average rate? Do you have any benchmark documenation on the efficiency of the load process using SF_BulkOps?
Also I am deleting large amount of records from a sandbox server presently. What is your recommendation on the best way to do this? ie using SF_BulkOps versus a linked server query such as DELETE from DM...ACCOUNTS or a linked sever query such as
DELETE OPENQUERY(DM,'Select Id from Account'). If SF_BulkOps is used do the records have to exist in the local table to be able to delete from SF. Thanks for your time.
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