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Errors when updating accounts

Hello, we are getting the following error when trying to update account. We have tried not setting these fields but we still get the error:
Account: bad field names on insert/update call: LastName, Salutation, External_ID__pc, Alternate_Email_2__pc, FirstName, Work_Phone__pc, Alternate_Email__pc, Relationship_Type__pc

Please advise.
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  • Sorry for the late response. It appears that you are working with a feature of salesforce called "Person accounts". When using this feature, salesforce places restrictions on the Account and Contact objects. See for details.

    In particular from the webpage:

    "If you change the record type of a business account to a person account using either update() or upsert(), you cannot make any other changes to fields in that account in the same call; if attempted, the fault INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE will result. However, you can change record type values from one person account record type to another, or from one business account record type to another, in the same call with other changes."
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