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External lookup causing problems

A select query targeting the linked SF server reports error :
OLE DB provider 'DBAmp.DBAmp' for linked server 'SALESFORCE_ZDEV' returned data that does not match expected data length for column '[SALESFORCE_ZDEV]...[yp_z_marketdirectory__c].Service_Provider__c'. The (maximum) expected data length is 80, while the returned data length is 8.

The field that cause an error is defined in SF table as:
aggregatable: true
autoNumber: false
byteLength: 120
calculated: false
caseSensitive: false
createable: true
custom: true
defaultedOnCreate: false
deprecatedAndHidden: false
digits: 0
extraTypeInfo: externallookup
filterable: true
groupable: true
idLookup: false
label: DSP Code
length: 40
name: Service_Provider__c
nameField: false
namePointing: false
nillable: true
permissionable: true
precision: 0
queryByDistance: false
referenceTo: yp_z_Service_Provider_c__x
relationshipName: Service_Provider__r
restrictedPicklist: false
scale: 0
soapType: xsd:string
sortable: true
type: reference
unique: false
updateable: true

Is there a problem for DBAmp to support external (OData) lookup ?
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