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I’m unsure

FAHttp::Send::WinHttpSendRequest Win32Error:: The operation timed out

Hi Bill & team

I've had a look around the forums and found a few variations of the problem we're having but none that are quite the same.

We run DBAMP across two Orgs and multiple sandboxes (all separate SQL servers) and as of Wednesday last week we have started to see the Error "FAHttp::Send::WinHttpSendRequest Win32Error:: The operation timed out". It is not consistent, the same refresh can run 30 times without issue and then fail once before running successfully. 19 seconds is the fastest one has failed so far (also 19 seconds seems to be a popular time across the errors)

I have tried checking the Network receive timeout which is currently set to 2400
and turning on httpTrace but do not get a log when these errors happen.

FYI we're on an older version - 3.1.1.

I am investigating any environment changes on our end but do you have known issues or anything else I can try within DBAMP to help troubleshoot this problem?


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