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Field update not processing. Trigger preventing update?

I have custom table Work_Order__c with datetime field Stop__c. Current value is "2015-03-07 23:59:00.0000000" and I am trying to update to "2015-03-08 00:59:00.0000000". But the update to the field does not occur. I turned on Field History and the field does not show being updated.

* The update command is... exec SF_BulkOps 'Update:batchsize(1)','SALESFORCE','Work_Order__c_Update'
* We are in the US Eastern Time Zone.
* SQL Server 2008R2.
* DBAmp 3.1.4.

!!! Question... If there is a trigger on Work_Order__c... Could this explain my "lack of update"? !!!
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