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Fields missing from DBAMP

Hi Bill,.
We have a problem with fields which appear in Salesforce but are not being picked up by sys_sffields or by selecting the field in DB amp via a linked server query eg
SELECT Agent_Name__c FROM staging...Application__c. There are only a small number of these but we can't see why this would happen. Why wouldn't DBAmp pick up this metadata. There is nothing really special about these fields. They are giving spurious results on our reports. Is there a special synching process we should do to ensure all fields that are in our Salesforce instance appear in DBAMP. Please advise.
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  • Normally, when a field doesn't appear there are 2 possible reasons:

    1. The field level security of the field makes it not visible to the salesforce user. Verify what sf user is used by the link server by visiting the Security page . Then, login in salesforce as that user and navigate to a single record of the object in question. Is the field on the screen ? Check the field level security of the object for the profile of the sf user and make sure that 'Visible' is checked.

    2. The DBAmp metadata cache is behind. Normally, DBAmp will cache metadata until there is 1 to 3 minutes of inactivity. You can force a reload of the metadata by running the query below. If the field still does not appear, the pursue reason 1 above.

    Select * from SALESFORCE...sys_sfobjects

    If you are still having trouble after checking the items above, send a note to support at so we can take a look.
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