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Future date error when inserting record.


For some reason, I am starting to see an error I haven't seen in the many years I have been using dbAmp. I am not sure whats causing it or how to resolve it.

When we try to insert a record to salesforce it is erroring out and when I check the load table the error message is as follows

Last Modified Date(Mon Feb 26 17:55:31 GMT 2018) in the future.: Last Modified Date

The record was created at 12:55 so I'm not sure where the extra 5 hours is coming from.

I recently just added the new product key in after renewing if this has anything to do with it. But other than that I have made no changes to any of the application's code. This just started popping up.

Any help would be appreciated as one of my apps have essentially had to be brought down until I get this resolved.

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