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Getting error when running SF_Metadata 'Retrieve' for 1 custom object

Have successfully run many SF_Metadata 'Retrieve' extracts, for many custom objects in one of our Full Sandboxes, but have hit an error for 1 specific object ( API name : Zip_Code__c ). Can't figure out what the issue may be. Successful SF_Replicate & SF_Refresh executions are running on this object.

This object shows up on an SF_Metadata 'List' ('CustomObject', '*') extract. see image below for verification.

But I get the error below when running the SF_Metadata 'Retrieve' when this is the only row in the input table.

--- Starting SF_Metadata for MD_CustomObject V3.6.7
16:19:16: Run the DBAmpNet2.exe program.
16:19:17: DBAmpNet2 (c) Copyright 2015-2017 LLC
16:19:18: Sending Retrieve package to
16:19:20: Retrieve response received from salesforce.
16:19:20: package.xml : Metadata API received improper input. Please ensure file name and capitalization is correct. Load of metadata from db failed for metadata of type:CustomObject and file name:Zip_Code__c.
16:19:20: DBAmpNet2 Operation FAILED.
16:19:20: Error: DBAmpNet2.exe was unsuccessful.
16:19:20: Error: Command string is C:\"Program Files"\DBAmp\DBAmpNet2.exe Retrieve "" "MD_CustomObject" "HQ-APP02\MSSQLEXPRESS" "SFDC_Metadata_FSANDBOX" "SALESFORCE_FSANDBOX"
--- Ending SF_Metadata. Operation FAILED.
Msg 50000, Level 16, State 1, Procedure SF_Metadata, Line 183
--- Ending SF_Metadata. Operation FAILED.

The image below captures the input table contents after the error ...

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