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Help with an error on sf_Refresh

Hello, I'm running this query and I am getting an error. Any idea what could be causing it?? All other objects refresh successfully

---------------------- ERROR -----------------------

11/03/2012 18:40:55,SalesForce_Raw Weekday Refresh,Error,10,LOSORANCSSQL01,SalesForce_Raw Weekday Refresh,Refresh Contact,,Executed as user: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. Cannot execute the query "Select Id from Contact_Deleted where startdate='2012-11-02 11:02:00'" against OLE DB provider "DBAmp.DBAmp" for linked server "SALESFORCE". [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 7320) --- Starting SF_Refresh for Contact [SQLSTATE 01000] (Error 0) 18:40:55: Using Schema Error Action of subset [SQLSTATE 01000] (Error 0) 18:40:55: Using last run time of 2012-11-02 11:02:00 [SQLSTATE 01000] (Error 0) 18:47:08: Indentified 147785 updated/inserted rows. [SQLSTATE 01000] (Error 0) OLE DB provider "DBAmp.DBAmp" for linked server "SALESFORCE" returned message "Error 5103 : Unable to append to m_BSReply: 54335966 655360". [SQLSTATE 01000] (Error 7412). The step failed.,00:06:22,16,7412,,,,0
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