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How do I skip tables in sf_replicateAll ?

First, you must be comfortable modifying stored procedures. If you are not, then send us a request to support at asking for help with the procedure.

Assuming you are comfortable modifying a proc, follow these steps:

1. Right click on the SF_ReplicateAll proc in the Object Explorer and choose Modify.
2. Locate the following lines in the proc:

-- To skip tables, add a statement similar to the statement below
-- if @tn = 'SolutionHistory' CONTINUE

3. Uncomment the second line and change the SolutionHistory table name to the table name you want to skip:

if @tn = 'TableToSkip__c' CONTINUE

4. Execute the Modify script.

5. Make the same change in the sf_refreshAll proc

6. Test both procs to make sure the table is skipped.
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