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implementation restriction

I'm getting the following error when replicating:

--- Starting SF_Replicate for FeedComment
14:10:28: Drop FeedComment_Previous if it exists.
14:10:28: Create FeedComment_Previous with new structure.
14:10:29: Run the DBAmp.exe program.
14:10:29: DBAmp Bulk Operations. V2.12.13 (c) Copyright 2006-2010 LLC
14:10:29: Replicating into FeedComment_Previous , RPDRPZ0290 / SFDC_Retail .
14:10:30: Opening SQL Server rowset
14:10:30: Error: RunQuery failed with com_error.
14:10:30: Implementation restriction: directly querying FeedComment is only supported for admin users in version 23.0 and higher.
14:10:31: Error: DBAmp.exe was unsuccessful.
14:10:31: Error: Command string is E:\"Program Files"\DBAmp\DBAmp.exe Export FeedComment_Previous "RPDRPZ0290" "SFDC_Retail" "SFDC_Retail"
--- Ending SF_Replicate. Operation FAILED.
Error: SF_Replicate failed for table FeedComment
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  • The issue is that with the Winter 12 release salesforce decided that the FeedComment table could only be accessed if you were an admin AND you were using the Winter 12 api (23.0). The version of DBAmp you have installed is running the 22.0 api. So DBAmp tries to access that table and the salesforce server denies the query.

    Here are your options:

    1. Ignore the error. All the other tables are being refreshed/replicated ok. When DBAmp for Winter '12 is released next week, upgrade using . After the upgrade, you will be using api 23.0 and the issue will go away.


    2. Modify the sf_refreshall and sf_replicateall stored procs to skip the FeedComment table

    In the sf_replicateall and sf_refreshall proc you'll a line that looks like this:

    if @tn = 'Vote' CONTINUE

    Add the following line at the same spot

    if @tn='FeedComment' CONTINUE

    Be sure to make the same modification to both procs.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
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