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Insufficient Access on Cross Reference Entity


I'm having issues with multiple records in my bulk ops upsert failing due to the error of insufficient access on cross reference entity: insufficient access rights on cross-reference.

The item in question that I am trying to load is a custom object called Contract Items. They are basically a line item object to a Contract. Most of the time, one Contract will be related to an Opportunity, meaning multiple Contract Items will be belong to one Opportunity. On the Contract Item, there is a lookup to the Opportunity using the OpportunityID. The ID in the error message it's giving me is 006, which means it's the Opportunity.

What I don't understand is why it's locking on the lookup? I would understand if I was trying to update an Opportunity over and over again and it would lock me out. But all I am doing is loading the opportunity id field on Contract Item object. Am I correct in making the inference that when you load a related lookup field (the opportunity id) that it locks that particular item (the opportunity)? Is there a way that I combat this so I will be able to load the errors?


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