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Insufficient Access rights on cross-reference id when trying to replicate or read ForecastingQuota

Whenever I execute SF_Replicate on the ForecastingQuota object, DBAmp returns the message "INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS: insufficient access rights on cross-reference id" and fails.

I don't understand what this is indicating I have to change to get this to work. I get the error with an SF_ReplicateAll too.

This occurs if I execute any of these statements in Management Studio using our sandbox linked server:

exec SF_Replicate 'SFDCSANDBOX', 'ForecastingQuota'

exec SF_Refresh 'SFDCSANDBOX', 'ForecastingQuota', 'Subset'

select *
from openquery(SFDCSANDBOX, 'select Id from ForecastingQuota limit 1')
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