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Is DBAMP impacted by Salesforce change to HTTPS security certificates?

Received next message from Salesforce:

As as an administrator of a Salesforce org, we want to notify you of an upcoming change to our HTTPS security certificates.

What is changing?
To maintain alignment with security best practices and the industry-wide shift to use more complex algorithms for HTTPS certificates, Salesforce will be replacing current HTTPS certificates, which are signed with a SHA-1 hash algorithm, to new certificates signed with a SHA-256 hash algorithm. HTTPS certificates are reflected in the browser’s URL bar to indicate a secure connection while accessing secure websites, including Salesforce.

Is DBAMP using HTTPS security certificates?
If yes, what to do to keep DBAMP working after the change in HTTPS security certificates?
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  • This reply was removed on 2015-01-14.
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  • DBAmp installed on Windows 2008 (all versions) , Windows 2012 (all versions) and higher have no issues with SHA-256 certificates and no action is required.

    DBAmp installed on Windows 2003 potentially have issues since some versions of Windows 2003 do NOT support SHA-256 certificates. Only Windows 2003 with SP2 AND the following hotfix ( ) are supported.

    If you are running DBAmp on Windows 2003 you must make sure that you have SP2 and the hotfix installed to prevent issues with the new SHA-256 certificates.
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