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Is query over linked server using queryMore()


Do get error when quering all rows from Salesforce objects for 3 system fields with query like:

select [Id], [SystemModStamp], [IsDeleted] from openquery (LS_Salesforce_ProjectUAT,
'select id,SystemModStamp,IsDeleted from Account')

My understanding is that the SOQL user Web Service API (SOAP API) and that PK_Chunk option does not exist (exists only for Bulk API).
So to resolve issue we developed own "pk_chunk" option. This splits the SOQL for all rows into multiple SOQL by adding where clause for a range of ID's

So like:
select [Id], [SystemModStamp], [IsDeleted] from openquery (LS_Salesforce_ProjectUAT,
'select Id,SystemModStamp,IsDeleted from Account where Id>''000000000000000000'' and Id of 100000 rows we have every run failures for around 5 out of 100 objects. Raised case to Salesforce for this.
To be prepared for question from Salesforce site I would like to know if DBAmp with above SQL/SOQL statements is using SOAP API and if this make use of the queryMore() as mentioned in SOAP API Developer Guide.
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