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Loading ContentNote receive error "Note can't be saved"

I am running across an odd issue. I was able to load ContentNotes, but then after performing a hard delete of records and some adjustments to my scripts I am no longer able.

I am now receiving the generic error "Note Can't be saved". i have used commands to ensure there are no escapable comments left in the text, and have any simplified the statement to control the text being inserted, with no luck.

Here is the SQL Command I am using to generate the command:

SELECT top 10
CAST('' AS nchar(18)) AS [ID],
CAST('' AS nvarchar(255)) AS Error,
'Test' as Title,
CAST('test' as varbinary(max)) as Content
INTO ContentNote_Load
FROM CombinedNotes a

The command I am using to execute the DBAmp Process:

Exec sf_bulkops 'Insert:batchsize(1)','xxxx_DEV_SFDC','ContentNote_Load'

And the results of this script and command:

I am not certain how much more simple I could make this, yet i am still getting the same error.
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