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Lookup field error causes update to fail - insufficient access rights on cross-reference id

I'm trying to update the Contract object. It has a Lookup field for Primary Contact, the value of which should be a legitimate SF Contact Id. The issue is that if this Primary Contact value is not valid (perhaps the contact was deleted) then the entire Contract record update fails with the error: insufficient access rights on cross-reference id...Is there a method for a bulkops insert or update that will not fail if a Lookup value is invalid, so that the rest of the data getting updated/inserted succeeds? Currently Im using these bulkops commands:

EXEC [SalesForceSandbox].[dbo].sf_bulkops 'Insert','SALESFORCEDEV','Contract_Insert';

EXEC [SalesForceSandbox].[dbo].sf_bulkops 'Update','SALESFORCEDEV','Contract_Update';
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