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I’m frustrated

MigrateAmp wants to migrate OutgoingEmail table

I selected Children(All) parameter in SF_MigrateBuilder and now MigrateAmp wants to migrate the OutgoingEmail table. This table is skipped by ReplicateAll in the "-- Skip offending tables" section. It appears to be impossible to replicate and therefore can not be migrated by Migration_Load.

I think that to work around this I have to go through the generated Migration_Load SP and comment out all the statements related to OutgoingEmail. This makes re-setting and re-building Migration_Load a bit more burdensome than I'd like. Is it possible to declare tables you want to be explicitly excluded to the SF_MigrateBuilder SP? Is it possible that SF_MigrateBuilder will respect the TablesToSkip table or have the same intelligence about bad tables that SF_ReplicateAll has when building the _Replicate, _Load, and _Reset SPs?
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