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Missing Rows on ContentDocument object

We are facing a strange issue. We are able to query and see rows from contentdocument using salesforce linked server created with DBAmp. But when we try to dump all the rows into a temp table and try to find some of the rows, those are missing. Not able to identify the root cause.

Here is the Test Case

1. Check number of rows from contentdocument salesforce object
select count(id) From ls_salesforce_envname...contentdocument
--55487 (rows count)

2. Check for some sample ids
select * From ls_salesforce_envname...contentdocument
id ('069w0000000o1fXAAQ','069w0000000o1fXAAQ','069w0000000o1kSAAQ')
--We are able to see three record

3. Dump all the rows from linked server into a temp table
select * into dbo.tmpcontentdocument From ls_salesforce_envname...contentdocument
--55487 (rows count)

4. Check for the same sample ids
select count(id) From dbo.tmpcontentdocument
--we are not able three records. It is missing when queried. tried to search with right collation latin1_General_BIN. But not able to find the records

Spent 5 hours around this and found not able to identify the root cause.

Request your help on this issue.

Thanks and Regards,
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