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ObjectPermissions table will not replicate.

I am trying to test 2.16.1 on a 64-bit machine since we were having some intermittent issues with 2.13.10 on a 32-bit box. After upgrading the DBAmp install on the new machine, the ObjectPermissions table will not replicate. All of the other tables replicate and refresh fine. Any suggestions?

Here is the error:

--- Starting SF_Refresh for ObjectPermissions
11:07:56: Using Schema Error Action of yes
11:07:56: Local table does not exist. Using SF_Replicate to create the local table.
--- Starting SF_Replicate for ObjectPermissions
11:07:56: Drop ObjectPermissions_Previous if it exists.
11:07:56: Create ObjectPermissions_Previous with new structure.
11:07:56: Run the DBAmp.exe program.
11:07:56: DBAmp Bulk Operations. V2.16.1 (c) Copyright 2006-2013 LLC
11:07:56: Populating local table ObjectPermissions_Previous , xxxxxx / SalesForce Backups .
11:07:56: DBAmp is using the SQL Native Client.
11:07:56: Opening SQL Server rowset
11:27:57: Error: RunQuery failed with com_error.
11:27:57: FAHttp::Send::WinHttpReceiveResponse
The operation timed out

11:27:57: Error: DBAmp.exe was unsuccessful.
11:27:57: Error: Command string is C:\"Program Files"\DBAmp\DBAmp.exe Export "ObjectPermissions_Previous" "xxxxxx" "SalesForce Backups" "SALESFORCE"
--- Ending SF_Replicate. Operation FAILED.
Error: SF_Refresh failed for table ObjectPermissions
Error 50000, Severity 16, State 1, Line 244
--- Ending SF_Replicate. Operation FAILED.
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