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RDS support for linked server is now available

Support for DBAMP on RDS now that AWS RDS supports linked servers for MS SQL
Hi Bill, Looking at this recent article from AWS RDS it looks like we can implement linked servers on RDS. Do you think DBAMP will run on RDS now?
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  • RDS still does NOT support DBAmp linked servers.

    From the link:

    "Although the documentation states that in general linked servers are not supported, as shown in this post there are in fact several supported scenarios with linked servers for RDS SQL Server. However, these are the only supported scenarios at this time. "

    Linked servers use drivers. The SQL Server driver is already installed on the RDS instance so it can be used to create a link server TO ANOTHER SQL SERVER instance.

    But the DBAmp driver is not on the RDS instance and Amazon does not provide a way to install DBAmp on the RDS instance. Therefore, no RDS support for DBAmp.

    As the article states, the only RDS support for linked servers is between RDS and another SQL Server instance on the same VPC.
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