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ReplicateIAD fails when processing the "IsVisibleInSelfService" Task Object field

Hi we are running into the following error whenever we try to run ReplicateIAD for the Task object. We have verified the object data and it does not have NULLs for the "IsVisibleInSelfService" fields. However, the Export All is not capturing the corresponding values. We have also tired upgrading to 3.5.4, but that did not resolve the issue either.

Please advise.

--- Starting SF_ReplicateIAD for Task V3.3.5
22:51:16: Parameters: SALESFORCE Task Version: V3.3.5
22:51:16: Drop Task_Previous if it exists.
22:51:16: Drop Task_DeleteIAD if it exists.
22:51:16: Create Task_Previous with new structure.
22:51:16: Run the DBAmp.exe program.
22:51:16: DBAmp Bulk Operations. V3.3.5 (c) Copyright 2006-2016 LLC
22:51:16: Populating local table (including archived/deleted records) Task_Previous , LOAADM29 / dbSALESFORCE .
22:51:17: DBAmp is using the SQL Native Client.
22:51:17: Opening SQL Server rowset
23:01:18: 982609 rows copied.
23:01:18: Create Task_DeleteIAD with new structure.
23:01:45: Identified 593 hard deleted rows.
23:01:45: Table schema has changed.
23:01:45: Error occurred while building a table of hard deleted rows.
23:01:45: Error: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'IsVisibleInSelfService', table 'dbSALESFORCE.dbo.Task_Previous'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.
--- Ending SF_ReplicateIAD. Operation FAILED.
Msg 50000, Level 16, State 1, Procedure SF_ReplicateIAD, Line 499
--- Ending SF_ReplicateIAD. Operation FAILED.
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