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Replicating tables from Salesforce to SQL Server - need nvarchar(max) fields instead of ntext


We have the need to create indexed views in sql server from our replicated salesforce tables. Some of these tables have fields being created as ntext which prevents us from creating indexed views. I had found a similar issue on this site: ( and, had followed the instructions listed there with our DBA, but the fields are still coming across as ntext. Is there anyone else who has encountered this problem? And if so what is the solution? How can I open a ticket with DBAmp as we need to get this resolved as soon as possible?

Steps we took:

Current DBAmp version: 2.17.4
Based on these release notes I am assuming nvarchar(max) will work with this version: (

Current SQL Server version: SQL Server 2008 SP3
Build after hotfix: 10.0.5828.0

Reviewed kb article (

Downloaded hotfix for our sql server version: (

The DBA has set up the Dbcc traceon(7309) to run when sql server starts

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