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run DBAmp SProcs in silent mode

can the success messages generated by procedures such as SF_Replicate , SF_Refresh be silent?

--- Starting SF_BulkOps for markets__c_load
08:53:38: Run the DBAmp.exe program.
08:53:38: DBAmp Bulk Operations. V2.18.9 (c) Copyright 2006-2014 LLC
08:53:38: Upserting Salesforce using markets__c_load (NE-P-DWH-01 / SF_ODS backups) .
08:53:38: DBAmp is using the SQL Native Client.
08:53:39: SOAP Headers:
08:53:39: 0 rows read from SQL Table.
08:53:39: 0 rows successfully processed.
--- Ending SF_BulkOps. Operation successful.

I have a scheduled job replicating some 60 tables on each run, and the messages get very large, so it's hard to spot errors when they do occur.
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