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Salesforce Summer Release

Release notes for Salesforce Summer release contains new IP addresses mentioned below. Want to know if this has got any impact related to DBAmp connectivity. We are behind a firewall and have an exception created for DBAmp to connect to below IP address on port 443 - - - -

Summer release says whitelist the below IP ranges
- ARIN, -
- RIPE, -
- RIPE, -

Do we need to do any update to the exception we have in place ?
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  • Normally in the salesforce document, salesforce recommends that you add ALL of their IP ranges to your exceptions. Most customers don't but then you have to interpret the IP ranges from salesforce and determine which ones your org really uses. DBAmp and ForceAmp have no knowledge of the IP ranges used by your org and so our recommendation mirrors salesforce: add them all into the exceptions.
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