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Salesforce replicate / refresh table interface.

We've often run into the issue where either we don't have quick access to the SQL Server our Salesforce tables are being refreshed to, or the person adding an additional field does not know enough to go into SQL Server and run a replicate command against the table. This prompted me to come up with the idea to create a Salesforce app that allows you to run refresh and replicate commands against the tables.

The application itself is fairly simple at the moment, built in Apex+Visualforce. The command does a webservice callout to a webservice I built on the server hosting the SQL Server I have my data replicated to using DBAmp. This webservice runs the replicate/refresh commands against the SQL Server and returns the message (I had to amend the SF_Replicate and SF_Refresh commands a bit to account for this).

All in all I think it would be useful if an app similar to the one I have written were available on the appexchange, as I am sure others have run into similar issues.

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