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Server Error with _kav table


I received this error, but with specific tables in Salesforce, not with all. I am trying to replicate the Article Type object into our datawarehouse using DBAmp. I made the running user with profile as Salesforce Admin (for production) and made his as knowledge user (since I am copying Articles) and as well as Article_type tables here is the error message I received

Seems purely access rights error though but any advice will help

--- Starting SF_Replicate for FAQ__kav
15:18:22: Drop FAQ__kav_Previous if it exists.
15:18:22: Create FAQ__kav_Previous with new structure.
15:18:23: Run the DBAmp.exe program.
15:18:23: DBAmp Bulk Operations. V2.13.13 (c) Copyright 2006-2011 LLC
15:18:23: Replicating into FAQ__kav_Previous , SQLDB_CLUS2 / SalesForceBackup .
15:18:23: DBAmp is using the SQL Native Client.
15:18:23: Opening SQL Server rowset
15:18:23: Error: RunQuery failed with com_error.
15:18:23: SFWinInet::Send::WinHttpReceiveResponse Server Error
15:18:23: Error: DBAmp.exe was unsuccessful.
15:18:23: Error: Command string is C:\"Program Files"\DBAmp\DBAmp.exe Export "FAQ__kav_Previous" "SQLDB_CLUS2" "SalesForceBackup" "SALESFORCE"
--- Ending SF_Replicate. Operation FAILED.
Msg 50000, Level 16, State 1, Procedure SF_Replicate, Line 210
--- Ending SF_Replicate. Operation FAILED.

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