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sf_bulkops inserting one record in sandbox times out

this is the call:

exec dbo.SF_BulkOps
@operation = 'insert'
, @table_server = 'SALESFORCE'
, @table_name = 'Account_New_From_PL'

this is the table structure:

account_new_from_pl_id int identity(1,1) not null
, PL_Client_ID__c int not null
, name nvarchar(200) not null
, createddate datetime not null
, InDepth__c varchar(5) not null
, Inperson__c varchar(5) not null
, Job_Level__c int null
, Allowed_Recruiters__c int null
, PRO_Client__c varchar(5) not null
, BillingStreet nvarchar(100) null
, BillingCity nvarchar(75) null
, BillingState varchar(200) null
, BillingPostalCode varchar(15) null
, BillingCountry varchar(300) null
, phone varchar(20) null
, DatasetID__c varchar(3) null
, Id nchar(18) null
, error nvarchar(255) null
, OwnerId nchar(18) null
, Sales_Rep_Id__c nchar(18) null
, modified_by_id int not null
, created_date datetime not null
, modified_date datetime not null
, is_active bit not null
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