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sf_BulkSOQL fails: "The character string that starts with 'SELECT...' is too long. Maximum length is 8000.

Trying to implement a sf_BulkSOQL call. The SELECT query stored in ContactCore_SOQL is about 10,500 characters in length, well under what I thought to be a 20K SF API limit.

Perhaps this is a SQL Server configuration issue, similar to this StackOverflow report?

Msg 50000, Level 16, State 1, Server HOST\INSTANCE, Procedure SF_BulkSOQL, Line 384
--- Ending SF_BulkSOQL. Operation FAILED.
--- Starting SF_BulkSOQL for ContactCore V3.7.2
20:32:51: Parameters: SALESFORCE ContactCore pkchunk,batchsize(100000)
Version: V3.7.2
20:32:51: Drop ContactCore_Previous if it exists.
20:32:51: Create ContactCore_Previous with new structure.
20:32:51: Error: Could not create previous table.
20:32:51: Error: The character string that starts with 'SELECT
FIELD1, FIELD2, FIELD3' is too long.
Maximum length is 8000.
--- Ending SF_BulkSOQL. Operation FAILED.
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