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sf_Refresh issue for Salesforce object with 780 field


I'm not able to use sf_refresh command on a Salesforce object with 780 fields. We did split table but still sf_refresh is not working. Below is the error

09:51:34: Error: InvalidBatch : Failed to process query: QUERY_TOO_COMPLICATED: Query is either selecting too many fields or the filter conditions are too complicated.
09:51:34: Error: Could not get batch result Ids from Salesforce.

Please let me know how to fix this issue.

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  • The error message is from salesforce and indicates that because of the number of formula fields on the object, salesforce is not able to do the query.

    There are 2 choices to attempt a workaround

    1. You can use DBAmp Column Subset feature. This allows you to create table that only contain columns betwen 2 letters. So you would have one table with columns A-M and another table with columns N-Z. See the DBAmp doc for details.

    2. Use could use SF_BulkSoQL and sf_BulkSOQLRefresh to create a SOQL select with the columns you actually need. This would be a good option if you only needed 100 or so of the columns.
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