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sf_refresh not pulling down all rows in the table

We are running the sf_RefreshAll stored procedure which in turn is running the sf_Refresh stored proc for each table. We noticed recently that it is not pulling all of the rows down from the UserTerritory2Association table. We can do an sf_replicate on this table, but we are concerned that this could be happening in other tables.

Specifically, the 6 most recent rows exist in our SQL server, but it is missing the 9 oldest rows that are in Salesforce. When we run the following:

exec sf_refresh 'server', 'UserTerritory2Association', 'Yes', 'Warn'

it does report that there are 9 rows missing. Is this a problem in sf_refreshAll that we need to run sf_replicate on a table when there are rows missing?

Thank you
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