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SF_Replicate failure: 'TaskWhoRelation' is not supported to use PKChunking

Our TaskWhoRelation table contains more than 3M records. I've moved it from our sf_ReplicateAll to its own sf_Replicate task which failed on first run.

I'm assuming I should just remove the PKCHUNK option. Could someone confirm or offer a preferred procedure and/or options?

--- Starting SF_Replicate for TaskWhoRelation V3.7.2
21:14:27: Parameters: SALESFORCE TaskWhoRelation
pkchunk,batchsize(100000) Version: V3.7.2
21:14:27: Drop TaskWhoRelation_Previous20190130T211427357 if it
21:14:27: Create TaskWhoRelation_Previous20190130T211427357 with new
21:14:27: DBAmpNet2 (c) Copyright 2015-2017 LLC
21:14:27: Batch size reset to 100000 rows per batch.
21:14:27: Parameters: replicate
TaskWhoRelation_Previous20190130T211427357 NARCISSUS\SALESFORCE
SalesforceMSSQL SALESFORCE pkchunk,batchsize(100000)
21:14:30: Error: Entity 'TaskWhoRelation' is not supported to use
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