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SF_ReplicateAll failing with Spring 15 release

With the Spring 15 release, salesforce added many new tables. Two of those tables (CollaborationGroupRecord and PlatformAction) have sf api restrictions that prevent DBAmp from doing a SELECT all rows. Therefore these tables cannot be replicated.

The sf_replicateAll and sf_refreshAll procs are unaware of this restriction and try to replicate the table anyway. The two tables listed above fail to replicate which causes the sf_replicateAll to indicate failure. NOTE: All other tables were replicated successfully.

The V 2.20.1 release of DBAmp will contain a fix for this issue. You can also modify the stored procedures of your current version by using the following steps. You should be comfortable editing stored procedures before attempting these changes:

1. Using SQL Server Management Studio, right click on the sf_replicateall stored proc and choose Modify.

In the sf_replicateall you'll find a line that looks like this:

if @tn = 'Vote' CONTINUE

Add the following 2 lines at the same spot

if @tn='CollaborationGroupRecord' CONTINUE
if @tn='PlatformAction' CONTINUE

Execute the script to update the code of the stored procedure.

2. Repeat step 1 for the sf_refreshAll stored procedure.
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