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sf_replicatelarge error

I work for YPO. I am running dbamp version 3.7.2

sf_replicatelarge throws the following error. This is for a salesforce sandbox. Below is the ERROR message and list of OPPORTUNITY object TEXT fields queried from workbench.

Thank you in advance for your help!!!

Exec sf_replicatelarge 'SF_SFPS', 'Opportunity'

--- Starting SF_ReplicateLarge for Opportunity V3.7.2
14:16:46: Using batch size of 249999')
14:16:46: Drop Opportunity_Previous if it exists.
14:16:46: Create Opportunity_Previous with new structure.
14:16:46: Running query to determine next Id boundary.
Select @ENDID_OUT = Id from openquery(SF_SFPS,'select Id from Opportunity_QueryAll where Id > ''000000000000000'' order by Id asc limit 1 offset 249999')
14:16:46: Run the DBAmpNet2.exe program.
14:16:46: Run the DBAmp.exe program for "where Id>'000000000000000' and Id
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