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SF_BulkOps no longer working as expected - inserts/deletes fail with spurious (?) error messages.

I have been using DBAmp for over 6 weeks now. It was successfully used to load data from an existing SQL Server database into SalesForce – as part of a data conversion effort from an existing in-house application to one developed for us in SalesForce.

I am preparing for the next round of data conversion and have run into a major problem. I am no longer able to perform inserts and deletes (have not re-tried updates) using the SF_BulkOps stored procedure. The following error messages were received:

Delete: Insufficient access rights on object id
Insert: Entity type cannot be inserted: Household

I verified that I can successfully execute SQL delete and insert statements using the 4 part naming convention with the linked server.

I also checked SalesForce and the Household object (table) is defined as Creatable – also demonstrated by the success of the insert statement.

I am set up as a SalesForce administrator.

I am not sure what to do next to investigate this problem.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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  • The error messages are not spurious; they are from the salesforce server indicating why it cannot complete the operation. For example, the "Insufficient access rights on object" error message on the delete is sf saying that your id does not have the right to delete that object.

    All DBAmp operations occur under the sf user found on the Security page of the linked server. Verify that the sf user is an admin. Perhaps it is not and the listed sf userid has recently lost of field privledges.

    If you would like to setup a web meeting to examine the messages in detail please send me some times with timezones to support at
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