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SFWinInet error in config utility only.

Receiving Error 5103 : SFWinInet::Send::WinHttpReceiveResponse Server Error on Test Connection in the Configuration Utility however select * from SALESFORCE...Account as well as sf_Refresh, sf_replicate and sfbulkops work correctly. I can login through a browser to I checked with our network folks and there is no proxy and 443 is open to the outside world. We are on version 2.13.5. This came up because an old SP that has been running for quite some time stopped working on 12/1. Looking into the SP, it was using a 4 part naming joined update. When I rewrote with SF_BulkOps, the update worked correctly. My boss is concerned still that we are still getting the connection error in the config utility. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.
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