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Sync Process for Opportunity data

I am beginning to build a sync process between my Salesforce Opportunities and a legacy order entry system. The legacy order data will mirror 'one-way' into Salesforce. Here is an outline of my concept.

1. Populate an upsert table (created with SF_Generate) with legacy order data
2. Run SF_BulkOps as an upsert
3. Run SF_Refresh to get most recent copy of Opportunity object
4. Populate a delete table (created with SF_Generate) with order data existing in Salesforce but no longer existing in legacy order data
5. Run SF_BulkOps as a delete

As far as opportunity line items (products), I anticipate that I will have to do something similar.

Question: Is there an easier way to accomplish a sync between systems?

Question: If I use DBAmp to delete an opportunity, will it cascade delete the related line items for that opportunity as well?

Thanks in advance.
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