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The system cannot find the path specified.

I am using SF_BulkOps to upload attachments and I get the following error.

--- Starting SF_BulkOps for Attachment_Ins
13:30:23: Run the DBAmp.exe program.
The system cannot find the path specified.
--- Ending SF_BulkOps. Operation successful.

This is my table structure
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Attachment_InsB](
[Id] [nchar](18) NULL,
[Error] [nvarchar](255) NULL,
[Body] [nvarchar](255) NULL,
[ContentType] [nvarchar](120) NULL,
[Description] [nvarchar](2500) NULL,
[IsPrivate] [varchar](5) NOT NULL,
[Name] [nvarchar](255) NOT NULL,
[OwnerId] [nchar](18) NOT NULL,
[ParentId] [nchar](18) NOT NULL

and the data for the single file I am testing the upload

Id = blank
Error = blank
Body = D:\Files\c677aa26-00e1-b4f4-e186-4a00a032a5c7
ContentType = application/force-download
Description = blank
IsPrivate = false
Name = Tags Implementation (ASAP)
OwnerId = 005U0000000oytNIAQ
ParentId = 001U000000MuVF4IAN

I am running this on the server where MS SQL Server and DBAmp is installed and the file is in D:\Files\.

In the error I am not sure which path cannot be found. Thanks.
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  • It is the location of the internal bulkops program that cannot be found.

    When you did the DBAmp install, you had to run the Create DBAMP SPROCS.sql script to create the stored procedures. If you installed DBAmp somewhere else besides the C: drive you needed to modify the @ProgDir variables prior to running the script. I think you skipped that step.

    Pull up the Program Files\DBAmp\SQL\Create DBAMP SPROCS,sql script and change the 5 or 6 places where the DBAmp install directory is wrong. Then run the script in the database to recreate them correctly.

    Then retry the sf_bulkops. Let me know if this does not resolve the issue.
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