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Time it takes Salesforce to commit an upsert

I did a bulk upsert with about 34 million rows a week ago. The process returned success ok. The next day, I did a replicate table and found that only 9 million rows were inserted. Later that day, I did a refresh and found more rows were replicated down, but no further upserts were performed. I did further refreshes on the table and found more rows coming down to my local cache over the course of a few days before the table seemed to converge on 14 million rows. It seemed that the update was performed in dribs and drabs over the course of several days. It was quite maddening. How can I tell for sure when a batch I sent to Salesforce via the bulkapi has completed its asynchronous update cycle? Is there a command I can issue on the Salesforce end to check status?
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